After what happened last night, today was really hard to start, but used to deal with hard starting. The usual road to the bootcamp was unusual this morning, and unconsciously i ignored all my daily plan that i’ve been preparing for everyday.

i arrived there in such a lazy mood, but i have no options, it’s a new training day to take the maximum from and i’m not ready to lose any minute. That weird, strange and tiring self-talking circle never left my head, without knowing for how long this situation will live…

I’m writing this lines at 17:45, which means that i’m reaching the end of the day, and close to start a new night with that night mood… i like that.

In a position of managing, the person responsible require some specific characters that makes him able to manage a group and dealing with bad attitudes. From this characters we can find empathy, self awareness, mutual respect because he/she have to respect team, to be treated reciprocally and be respected, and this is one of the most important points.

Handling or dealing with bad attitude require some techniques, at first of them, the self stress management, then absorbing other’s stress, which is something that will help on making the right choice in calm, because most of there decisions made in a non-calm mood are wrong. Empathy, or understanding other’s situation is a great skill to win your team’s trust.

I was a team leader in my ex-job, a team with different nationality, different language and religion, and using these management technics helped me on succeeding that mission.

Prototype is from where objects inherits their properties in javascript, so the object keep searching for requested properties in ascendant way from child object to parent object on so on, until reaching ‘null’.

So if ‘X’ took properties from ‘Y’, we can say that ‘Y’ is the prototype of ‘X’.

Nader Hezzi

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